Welcome to the Southern California Chapter

Welcome to the ASLA Southern California Chapter website. This site is designed as an information portal to provide you with current information. The Southern California Chapter encompasses the southern portion of California, south of the thirty-seventh (37th) parallel, including the Counties of Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. Current membership is 700 members.

Instrument of Service

The purpose of the Chapter shall be the advancement of knowledge, education, and skill in the art and science of landscape architecture as an instrument of service in the public welfare.

Practice though Advocacy

To this end, the Chapter shall promote the profession of landscape architecture and advance the practice through advocacy, education, communication, and fellowship.

Personal & Professional Development

With over 700 professional and affiliate members along with 100 ASLA Students, the passion of the Chapter and its members is the advancement of knowledge, education, and skill in the art and science of landscape architecture as an instrument of service in the public welfare. As ASLA members, we promote the profession of landscape architecture and advances the practice through advocacy, education, communication, and fellowship.


The Chapter holds many events throughout the year that provide education and networking opportunities and provides opportunities to meet other professionals.

President’s & Trustee’s Reports

Contact ASLA Southern California

360 East First Street, #371
Tustin, CA 92780
Office: 714-838-3615
Toll Free: 877-378-6726
Mobile: 714-267-5281

Contact ASLA National

636 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001-3736
Phone: 202.898.2444
Fax: 202.898.1185
Email: info@asla.org
Web: www.asla.org


California Council of ASLA

The California Council of the American Society of Landscape Architects is an organization comprised of the four California Chapters including the San Diego, Southern California, Sierra, and Northern California Chapters, The purpose of the Council shall be to advance the profession of Landscape Architecture in the State of California as an instrument of services in public welfare and to serve as the coordinating Council in the State for the various Chapters of the American Society of Landscape Architects. For more information about the California Council, click here.

Southern California Executive Committee

Pamela Brief, ASLA
Pamela Brief, ASLAPresident
NUVIS Los Angeles
TBDPresident Elect
Duane Border, ASLA
Duane Border, ASLAPast President
Duane Border Design, Los Angeles
Baxter Miller, ASLA
Baxter Miller, ASLAChapter Trustee
BMLA,Inc., Corona
Rachael Haacke, Associate ASLA
Rachael Haacke, Associate ASLAChapter Secretary
Duane Border Design, Los Angeles
Evan Mather, FASLA
Evan Mather, FASLAChapter Treasurer
MIG, Inc., Los Angeles
Jim Pickel, RLA, ASLA
Jim Pickel, RLA, ASLACA Council Delegate #1
Adjunct Professor & Consultant, Los Angeles
Jeff Chamlee, ASLA
Jeff Chamlee, ASLACA Council Delegate #2
Architerra Design Group, Rancho Cucamonga
Steve Shirrel, ASLA
Steve Shirrel, ASLA VP Sponsorship
BMLA, Inc., Corona
Carlos Flores, ASLA
Carlos Flores, ASLAVP Membership
US Forest Service, Los Angeles
Victoria Phillipy, Affiliate ASLA
Victoria Phillipy, Affiliate ASLAExecutive Director
Phillipy + Company, Orange County and Los Angeles

Committee Chairs

Kari Huinker, Associate ASLA
Kari Huinker, Associate ASLACommunications Chair
Los Angeles
Melanie Buffa
Melanie BuffaEmerging Professionals
Courtland Studio, Chatsworth
Alison Terry, ASLA
Alison Terry, ASLAHALS
Terry Design, Inc., Fullerton
Brian Maddock
Brian MaddockPrograms
RGA Landscape Architects, Palm Desert


Brett Miller
Brett MillerPublic Awareness Liaison
Duane Border Design, Los Angeles
Nick Straabe, ASLA
Nick Straabe, ASLALiaison to Students
Hunter Industries, San Marcos

Past Presidents

Duane Border, 2017, 2018
Andy Bowen, 2016
Baxter Miller, 2015
Richard Krumwiede, 2014
Perry Cardoza, 2013
Baxter Miller, 2012
Pamela Galera, 2011
Anna Mendiola, 2009
Andy Bowden, 2008
Angela Woodward, 2007, 2010
John Tikotsky, 2006 
Pieter Severynen, 2005
Stephanie Landregan, 2004
Tal Jackson, 2003
Rick Mayer, 1974, 2001

Scott Reese, 2000
Calvin Abe, 1997
Julie Riley, 1996
Cynthia D’ Agosta, 1995
Steve Lang, 1994
David Tatsumi, 1993
William Schulz, 1992
Donald Tompkins, 1990, 1991
Randy Hlubik, 1989
Rick Hume, 1988
Ken Wood, 1987
Emily Gabel, 1986
Leslee Temple, 1984, 1985
Frank Dunbar, 1983
Keith French, 1982

Jerry Hastings, 1978, 1979
Kenneth Andrew, 1977
Rae Price, 1976
John Hourian, 1974, 1980
Richard Campbell, 1973
Dave Thoms, 1972
Lee Sharman, 1970
Yoshiro Befu, 1969
Merrill F. Winans, 1967, 1968
Owen Peters, 1963, 1964
Howard O. Boltz, 1961
Tracy H. Abell, 1959, 1960

S. William Bridgers, 1957
George Huntington, 1955
Virginia Russell, 1952
George W. Wickstead, 1951
Arthur Barton, 1948
Ruth Shellhorn, 1947

Southern California Chapter Fellows

Calvin R. Abe, FASLA
Gerdo P. Aquino, FASLA
Arthur G. Beggs, FASLA
Todd P. Bennitt, FASLA
David Jay Berkson, FASLA
Andrew C. N. Bowden, FASLA
Donald C. Brinkerhoff, FASLA
Pamela Grace Burton, FASLA
Robert R. Cardoza, FASLA
Ann Christoph, FASLA
Alan B. Clarke, FASLA
Kelly Comras, FASLA
Paul Comstock, FASLA
Glen Dake, FASLA
Deborah Deets, FASLA
Robert M. Eriksson, FASLA
Charlotte M. Frieze, FASLA

Sandra J. Gonzalez, FASLA
Isabelle C. Greene, FASLA
Calvin S. Hamilton, FASLA
Loren L. Herold, FASLA
Frederick T. Hume, FASLA
Ying-yu Hung, FASLA
Ronald M. Izumita, FASLA
Gary E. Karner, FASLA
Stephanie V. Landregan, FASLA
Joe W. Langran, FASLA
Richard K. Law, FASLA
Mia M. Lehrer, FASLA
Thomas A. Lockett, FASLA
Evan Mather, FASLA
Lee-Anne Milburn, FASLA
Lawrence R. Moline, FASLA
Kenneth S. Nakaba, FASLA

Gerald P. Pearson, FASLA
Robert C. Perry, FASLA
Rae L. Price, FASLA
Mark W. Rios, FASLA
Kenneth W. Smith, FASLA
Gerald L. Smith, FASLA
D. Rodney Tapp, FASLA
Donald H. Tompkins, FASLA
Robert E. Truskowski, FASLA
Susan Van Atta, FASLA
Mark J. Von Wodtke, FASLA
Joseph Yee, FASLA
K. Richard Zweifel, FASLA

Ruth Shellhorn Award

A Landscape Architect and Fellow, Ruth Shellhorn was a dedicated member of ASLA and the first Chapter President of the Southern California Chapter for the Southern California Chapter for a term of 3 years beginning in 1946. She left her mark as much on ASLA as she did in her career. This award presented by the Chapter’s Executive Director, is given to individuals in the Southern California Chapter who exemplify outstanding leadership and dedication and service to the organization and the Chapter.

The following individuals have been recipients of the Ruth Shellhorn Award.

2007 – Donald Tompkins, FASLA
2009 – Kenneth Nakaba, FASLA
2012 – Steve Lang, ASLA

2014 – (2 recipients)
John Hourian, ASLA
Andy Bowden, ASLA

2016 – Kim Rhodes, ASLA

2018 – (2 recipients)
Perry Cardoza, ASLA
Stephanie Landregan, FASLA