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The purpose of the Student Chapters shall be to bring students together through organized activities that:

  • Are consistent with the purpose and policies of the Society
  • Enhance understanding of the Society, the profession, and related disciplines
  • Improve skills and knowledge and complement the educational curriculum
  • Encourage participation in the programs and activities of the Society, its professional chapters, and other student and student affiliate chapters

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Liaison to Students: Nick Straabe, ALSA

Past Chairs

Kim Rhodes, ASLA
Carlos Flores, ASLA
Kim Rhodes, ASLA
Pamela Panattoni, ASLA
Steve Lang, ASLA
Stephanie Landregan, ASLA
Almabeth Anderson, ASLA

2018-2019 ASLA Southern California Chapter Organizational Chart

Cal Poly Pomona

The Department, located in southern California, with the presence of coastal, mountain, and desert terrain, and in the context of one of the major metropolitan centers of the world, offers our students a unique learning opportunity. We invite you to learn more about our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Landscape Architecture Department


Interim Department Chair: Andrew O. Wilcox
Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture

Student Chapter President: Nayon Kim (Class of 2019)

Other Student Officers:
President, Eddy Gonzalez (Class of 2020)
Vice President, Samantha Hernandez
Secretary, Jin Mcfarland(Class of 2020)
Treasurer, Ebony Westfield
Events Coordinator, Naomi Guevara
Historian & Webmaster: Kara Boloin (Class of 2020)
Promotions: Marc Escobar (Class of 2019)
ENV Council Representatives: Bethanie Carlos (Class of 2021) and Olivia Miethke (Class of 2021)
Executive Assistants: Jacob Ovadia (Class of 2020) and Adam Terreri (Class of 2020)

Upcoming Cal Poly Pomona Events

Cal Poly Pomona News

Claire Latané Joins the CPPLA Tenure-Track Faculty!

May 23rd, 2019|Comments Off on Claire Latané Joins the CPPLA Tenure-Track Faculty!

The Department is pleased to welcome Claire Latané ASLA, LEED AP, SITES AP to our tenure-track faculty. Claire is a writer, community advocate, and ecological designer. She applies research connecting [...]

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Architecture of the landscape, at every scale: small, large or regional, is a profound and important human experience, and to put all of its elements together in a harmonious and sustainable way requires a thorough understanding of the natural systems, technical knowledge of the infrastructure, astute planning, communication skills, artistic acumen, and poetic sense.

It needs a careful orchestration of teaching skills and scholarship to provide quality education for this challenging field, and we at Cal Poly have the national reputation for it. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo faculty is deeply committed to bringing this to a higher level of perfection. There is no better landscape setting than San Luis Obispo to study landscape architecture. Also, we are only three hours away from two of the major urban corridors of the world: San Francisco Bay Area.

Landscape Architecture Department


Department Chair: Omar Faruque
Landscape Architecture Department

Student Chapter President:Brynne Ambrose

Other Student Officers:
Vice President: Cian Amor 
Public Relations/Treasurer: Emily Izenson and Sarah Maloney
Events Coordinator: Jason Hopkins  
College of Architecture & Environmental Design Representative: Kathleen Dempsey
Officers of Shadowship: Shelby Adams and Kevin Jo

Upcoming Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo News

Winter Field Trip for Cal Poly SLO Students

February 19th, 2019|Comments Off on Winter Field Trip for Cal Poly SLO Students

An event brought about by Cal Poly SLO student chapter’s ambition to see built works prompted a recent field trip of eight students to local firms and projects in both [...]

UCLA Extension

UCLA Extensions Landscape Architecture Program has been around for 34 years. It is one of only two evening programs in the United States. The primary goal for the Landscape Architecture Certificate program is to provide an opportunity for individuals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to pursue a rigorous program of part-time study that prepares them to enter the field of landscape architecture, incorporating the highest standards of professional practice. The program particularly serves career-change students seeking to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming landscape architecture professionals.

Landscape Architecture Department


Stephanie Landregan, FASLA, LEED BD+D, RLA
Landscape Architecture Program Director
Horticulture and Gardening Program Director
Phone: 310.825.9414

Student Chapter President: Walker Young

Other Student Officers:
Vice President: Mary Diane Rasmussen
Communications Director: Terri Larronde
Treasurer: Terri Larronde
Firm Outreach: Thomas Matthew
Operations Manager: Hillary Harris

Upcoming UCLA Extension Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

UCLA Extension Program News

Congratulations To Our UCLA Student Award Winners!

October 19th, 2019|Comments Off on Congratulations To Our UCLA Student Award Winners!

Congratulations to the Students at UCLA Extension that received their Merit and Honor Awards. Rory Sheehan, Student ASLA - Honor Patricia Gum, Student ASLA - Merit Kevin Holle, Student ASLA [...]

Chapter Annual Student Leaders Field Trip

April 23rd, 2017|Comments Off on Chapter Annual Student Leaders Field Trip

A special treat each spring for the Student Leaders, the Annual Field Trip was held on Saturday, April 1st. Student leaders from the chapter's four landscape architecture program (Cal Poly [...]


The USC Landscape Architecture + Urbanism program develops real-world issues, formulates and re-formulates problems, explores and proposes operative strategies and becomes part of the discourse with stakeholders and cities. The resistive capacity of the landscape to the ever-globalizing, homogenization of territories is created as a means to shape possible futures for parks, neighborhoods, city districts and the larger stewardship o