The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) promotes, advocates, educates and advances the practice of Landscape Architecture. It sets the standard for professionalism, exposes the membership to new ideas and practices, and makes connections between people and information. Bottom line, ASLA helps members to be better at what they do – giving members a competitive advantage.

Founded in 1899, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), a 501(c)(6) organization, is the national professional association for landscape architects, representing more than 15,000 members in 49 professional chapters and 72 student chapters. When you join ASLA you are a member of the national organization, as well as the Southern California Chapter which currently has a membership of over 700 members. Members of the Society use the “ASLA” suffix after their names to denote membership and their commitment to the highest ethical standards of the profession.

Make Connections and Open Doors:

  • ASLA professional membership designation
  • Reduced rates to events and Chapter Awards
  • Communicate with people who share your values and interests
  • Access resources for professional practice and development
  • Advocacy for the Profession

  • National advocacy in Washington, DC
  • State and local advocacy on issues of importance to landscape architecture
  • Exposure to New Ideas and Practices:

  • Receive the latest news and events through our newsletter
  • Landscape Architecture Magazine Subscription
  • Access to “The Dirt” (ASLA and landscape architects in the news)
  • Professional and Educational Programs
  • Our members value their membership.>>

    Benefits of Membership for All Levels of Landscape Architecture

    Employers & Professionals

    • Discounts for ASLA sponsored events
    • Build a professional network
    • Resources for professional practice & development
    • Encouraging employee membership builds & sustains vital professional resources
    • Connect to the industry trends + innovations that can integrate into your practice
    • Access to salary and business surveys

    Students & Recent Graduates

    • Develop a network of professional contacts and mentors
    • Connect with peers to share experiences
    • Become familiar with local practice and issues related to landscape architecture
    • Associate First year dues beginning January 2017 is $65.00 plus a chapter dues assessment of $86.00 for a total of $151.00

    Unemployed Professionals

    • Exposure to potential empoyers
    • Search for potential employers through the Chapter’s websites’ job listings
    • Post resumes on ALSA SoCal websites

    Note: ASLA has payment plans for membership dues. You can even pay monthly by direct debit from your bank account. Contact ASLA National Headquarters directly at 202-898-2444.