MacArthur Park Landscape and Engineering Charrette (12/14, 12/21, 1/11)

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LASAN and Watershed Protection Program have issued a holiday landscape challenge,
and as lead of the new Livability, Viability, and Equity (LiVE) landscape group and I am
eager to oblige.

Your work and academic programs have inspired the admiration and recognition of the
City, LASAN, and its executive management to the degree they have requested a
landscape and engineering charrette for MacArthur Park. The significant site, formerly
called Westlake, was meant to become the “Central Park” of Los Angeles. Today, as parks
exist alongside water quality projects, this merits our most Olympian efforts and vision.
You and your select teams of landscape architects and recruits (engineers, architects,
scientists, or others) are being asked to produce a summary narrative that supports your
conceptual site layout, as justified by goals of biodiversity, landscape potential and more
thoughtful and coherent water uses.

If we could also find a special forces “Water Team” to produce a poster as a forward for
all teams, this will contribute to the professional end products. It should find an
abundance of information online to summarize state to local water and energy contexts. It
will use the charrette process to present consensus based, site-scaled objectives of all
teams. Along with biodiversity goals, this water information should be a baseline for all
presentations. If this does not happen through a special team, we will cover it elsewhere
as I have planned all three meetings to be fun, productive and successful however few or
many show up over this busy season.
Your teams will demonstrate their unique skills alongside disciplines with common
stormwater (GI) and landscape goals to build upon lessons of nature, experience, and
each other. This path is a scientifically proven philosophy that reduces entropy,
organizes, and breeds design evolution. Through collaboration, coaching and dedicated
students, a future of increasingly technological and nature based projects rooted in
landscape architecture can lead to regulatory projects, as they enhance ecological,
economic and social benefits.
Am hoping you are still available for this first event. If not, we are also planning
architectural, and engineering focused charrettes, and a PALAPA III of architects,
engineers, and planners this summer. LiVE will continue to welcome you and your top
students in the delivery of stormwater implementation for parks, transportation, water
supply, water quality, and flood control.
LASAN also extends the invitation to any other academic institutions, or leaders you
recommend and wish to submit a team. In this overbooked season, we welcome team
rosters by December 07, 2018.

Schedule attached Here

Team Roster Template