Andy Bowden, Principal at Land Concern, Ltd. and outgoing Chapter President has been reappointed Chair of the Professional Practice Committee by ASLA President Elect Vaughn Rinner.

A national committee, the ASLA Professional Practice Committee works to provide landscape architects with the most effective professional practice tools that enrich their knowledge and, in turn, enhance the impact and viability of the profession. Additionally, the PPC explores, develops, promotes and encourages programs, products, and services that make the most current research data and learning opportunities available to practitioners; improve the personnel, systems, and resource management skills of all practitioners; and increase the range of opportunities open to landscape architects in all segments of practice, including the identification of specific practice needs.

This will be Mr. Bowden’s second term serving as Chair of the Professional Practice Committee; although notably, individuals serve typically for a term of only one year. Mr. Bowden is a two-term Southern California Chapter President, as well as a two-term Chapter Trustee. He will also serve as Chapter Host Co-Chair for the 2017 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.