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My Story – by Pamela Brief, ASLA

As a child I loved drawing, painting and photography. Art was a big part of my life. I had great teachers in high school and was encouraged to attend art school. However, by that time my mind was already made up. I had decided much earlier that I would study landscape architecture. That decision was [...]

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My Story – by Baxter Miller, ASLA

It was the summer of ‘74 when I decided I wanted to become a Landscape Architect. I was accepted into the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Architecture program, but the course work catalog for Landscape Architecture appeared to be much more diverse and in keeping with my interest and love of the outdoors. I switched [...]

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My Story – by Steve Lang, ASLA

My love of the outdoors and plants is in my DNA. My grandfather owned a nursery and my grandmother was a plantsperson with a green thumb. As a kid I spent many hours assisting in planting and tending their terraced garden and was intrigued with the fishponds and fountains that enhanced their landscape. It wasn’t [...]

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My Story – by Bob Borthwick, ASLA

In high school my goal was to be an architect. After graduating, I enrolled at East Los Angeles College and was planning to transfer to Cal Poly SLO after 2 years. But, like many fellow landscape architects, my abilities in higher math were lacking. I found out about landscape architecture and transferred to Cal Poly [...]

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My Story – By Alison Terry, PLA

I come from a long line of gardeners. My mother kept telling me throughout high school “you should become a Landscape Architect”, because my favorite subjects were science and art. In college, I majored in Art History but took quite a few studio art classes as well as Horticulture, Biology, and Geology. My college offered [...]

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My Story – By Kim S. Rhodes, PLA

Perhaps my love for the garden and landscape architecture came from an unusual place... As a child, I grew up on a street lined by homes built in the 1950’s where the neighbors all took pride in the appearance of their yard. The neighbor on the corner always planted the most beautiful floral gardens in [...]

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