As a child I loved drawing, painting and photography. Art was a big part of my life. I had great teachers in high school and was encouraged to attend art school. However, by that time my mind was already made up. I had decided much earlier that I would study landscape architecture.

That decision was made when my brother took me to Brown Hall, the architecture school, at Ohio State University. It was only 15 minutes from where I grew up. He was a college senior, and I was in 7th grade. During the tour he explained the projects that were on display and described the design process. He showed me the architectural models they were producing for their current project. It was very impressive. I hadn’t seen anything like this before. After visiting the architecture part of the building we went to the landscape architecture department. It was in the basement. I should have taken note.

When we walked into the landscape architecture hall I was amazed at what I saw. Looking back I am not sure exactly what it was but something drew me in differently than the architectural projects. I was hooked.
I studied at The Ohio State University under Jot Carpenter’s leadership. That was truly inspiring and terrifying all at the same time. He was a presence and you better have a reason for why you put a line on paper or you were in big trouble. He taught with such passion and never failed to mention the importance of ASLA. He explained that our support was important, and that our ideas mattered. All of our professors were members and supported ASLA. I saw how their connection with ASLA enhanced their experience as landscape architects and that made a lasting impression on me. I am proud to have been a member of ASLA for 23 years.