CORONA, California – BMLA Landscape Architecture and Duane Border Design are set to partner in a new and innovative way—one that quietly blends the strengths of both firms in an effort to position each brand for future, sustainable growth.

Both firms bring a passion for sustainability and distinct points of view to the table. BMLA’s dedicated business acumen and focus on bringing functional beauty to suburban settings pairs wonderfully with Duane Border’s innovative urban design.

With more than 30 years’ experience serving Southern California, Baxter Miller, of BMLA, has learned how to balance an incredible work ethic with a careful eye to both employee and client satisfaction. Baxter is known for his work/life balance and legacy-focused approach to being a small business owner.

Baxter and Duane, founder of Duane Border Design, met as board members of Southern California Chapter of ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) nearly 12 years ago. Duane admired Baxter’s business integrity and sustained success, so he approached Baxter to mentor him on best business practices. “He gave me a toolkit that I could use to build with…this acquisition will give new energy and velocity to both of our companies,” Duane says.

The few differences between the two firms complement each other perfectly. Baxter’s team works extensively on master planned communities. BMLA pursues creative inspiration using technology and storytelling. BMLA’s strong community presence in Corona and surrounding areas has focused on adding conservation, sustainability and functional beauty to the Inland Empire’s suburban environment.

Duane Border Design creates contemporary landscape designs that embrace the romance and restorative properties of gardens. Duane founded the studio eight years ago and has created several green-living projects in Los Angeles focused on creating unique solutions to challenging urban environments.

After a few years of mentoring the two created a close friendship. As Duane Border Design grew it found itself in need of additional capacity, Duane approached Baxter to see if BMLA would be willing to collaborate on their larger projects. The partnership worked so well, Baxter and Duane decided to make the affiliation permanent with BMLA acquiring Duane Border Design.

The two firms work in tandem, using their strengths to support each other—Baxter’s 30 years of experience and substantial knowledge for economic business sustainability, and Duane’s design vision and creativity.
Their shared commitment to creativity and a culture built on a positive work environment will remain their cornerstones.

Duane Border will continue to serve his clients as Duane Border Design, and clients can expect the same quality and attention to detail, with increased capacity.