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The California Council of ASLA is Working for You!

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed SB 608 (Glazer), the Sunset Review Bill. (1) Existing law regulating professions and vocations requires certain designated agencies, within the purview of the Department of Consumer Affairs, to require applicants to furnish their fingerprints for purposes of conducting criminal history record checks. This bill would, beginning on January 1, 2021, [...]

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ASLA Releases 2019 Diversity Summit Report

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) released the 2019 Diversity Summit Report. The report, the product of a summit held earlier this year, examines issues that African American, Latinx, Native American, and other underrepresented groups face in the landscape architecture profession. "We are landscape architects. We have common things that make us the same, [...]

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Message from the Chapter Trustee

What can be said about the events of the past few months at ASLA National? There is a mixed bag of news: membership is down from the past few years; fiscal security of the organization was rocked by a few down turns; the Executive Committee decided to replace Executive Vice President, Nancy Summerville; the new [...]

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Two firms create a future together …..

CORONA, California - BMLA Landscape Architecture and Duane Border Design are set to partner in a new and innovative way—one that quietly blends the strengths of both firms in an effort to position each brand for future, sustainable growth. Both firms bring a passion for sustainability and distinct points of view to the table. BMLA's [...]

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“Restoring the Hyporheic Zone of one of Seattle’s Important Salmon-Bearing Waterways”

Southern California Chapter Member, Ron Gregory brings to our attention an article featured in November's Issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine. A colleague and licensed landscape architect Shelly Solomon is also a biologist, water quality restoration specialist and an environmental filmmaker, with many years experience in resource and environmental planning, design, and compliance. Solomon has documented [...]

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The Father of Landscape Architecture: Frederick Law Olmsted Video

Good news! Created in 2007, Frederick Law Olmsted: The Father of Landscape Architecture video by ASLA Southern California Chapter is now online! Based on Don Marquardt's popular live state presentation of Frederick Law Olmsted's life and accomplishments, this 37-minute video concentrates on Olmsted's early life influences, many failures trying to find a successful career, and [...]

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The New NACTO Resource: The Urban Street Stormwater Guide

A vital new resource, the NACTO Urban Street Stormwater Guide illustrates a vision of how cities can utilize one of their best assets—streets—to address resiliency and climate change. The guide outlines the strategies to creating streets that serve as truly public spaces, while delivering social and economic value, protecting resources, and reconnecting natural ecological processes. [...]

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People’s Climate Change March

On April 29, ASLA Leaders meeting for their Mid-Year business meetings in Washington, DC took time out to participate in the People's Climate Movement March in Washington, D.C. Thousands of people, including landscape architects, not only participated in the People's Climate Movement March in Washington, D.C., but other cities around the country to demonstrate opposition [...]

Colorado Licensure

On March 29, the Colorado Senate passed SB 17-218, legislation that would extend landscape architecture licensing and continue the landscape architecture licensing board until 2028. Several days prior to the full Senate vote, the Colorado Chapter testified at a hearing on the legislation. The bill is now before the Colorado House of Representatives and is [...]

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