It has been a heartbreaking couple of days as several wildfires have wreaked havoc across Northern and Southern California. The fires have killed over 56 people, wiped out a small town, displaced 250,000 residents, and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.

TreePeople offers our thoughts and words of encouragement to the affected residents and fire-fighters combating the wildfires ravaging our state.

In a heartfelt letter from Cody Chappel, TreePeople’s Wildland Restoration Manager, he writes how the fire has affected all of us:

Like the oaks and walnuts, we sprout. We struggle. We survive…
And in the struggling and surviving, that is where we thrive.
Tending the wild is a task many are incapable of understanding, much less performing.
Thank you for recognizing this ability in yourself and gifting it to all.

Please take the time to read, to be inspired, and to be touched by his moving and inspiring letter here