Merit Award
Ron Ruiz:“outstanding presentation skills, graphics were very well organized, nice treatment in both designs, and ery good response to the program”.

Alexis SantaRomana: “excellent verbal skills and critical thinking, passionate, confident, articulate, great use of time allotted, very professional appearance, thoughtful design solutions, and…she will have an incredibly positive impact on our profession.”

Honor Award
Richard Emery: “program is accomplished, very good plan graphics (Illustrative perspective – very nice), excellent verbal communication, strong critical thinking, two different scaled projects – handled very well – love the “giant” dog park, understood the technical aspects of design and constraints, and..very strong process sketches.”

Helaleh Behbahani: “great research – very thorough critical thinking, graphic presentation was excellent and very interesting, strong response to questions from the jury, great project choice, enthusiastic, professional, and great response to the program and community needs.”