Southern California Chapter Member, Glen Dake, FASLA was elevated along with 21 other members to the Class of 2019 Fellows.

Glen Dake received his nomination in Service from the Southern California Chapter. Glen serves on the board of the nation’s largest water utility where he fights for projects and programs that respect natural systems and show demonstrable improvements to watershed health and wildlife diversity. A committed community volunteer, Glen joined with other activists in 1992 to found the non-profit Los Angeles Community Garden Council, which uses community gardens to improve neighborhood social cohesion. This effort increased the number of gardens in Los Angeles County from 50 in 1993 to 125 in 2018, building resilience and improving the health of families living around the gardens. In 2013, Glen joined the board of the California League of Conservation Voters. Elected president in 2018, he worked to evaluate and endorse candidates for the California legislature who advocate strong environmental agendas and support legislation that improves the state’s environmental performance. Recognized as an effective leader among landscape architects and allied professionals, Glen has provided new opportunities for landscape architects to share in public-policy decision-making.